Students are the pillars of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. A controversy has been raised round the question whether or not the students should take part in politics. Some lead in favor of the idea while others reject it outright. Thus the relation of students with  politics has to be reviewed and determined in the light of modern conditions and kind of society that we seek to establish in our country. A developed intellect, strong will and the spirit of self sacrifice are the necessary qualifications of a man who enters into politics. In this 21st century students can play an active role in politics so that they may receive some training for the struggle that awaits them and they can march the country in the development process. In fact, practical training in politics also, though in miniature, flourishes in most of the colleges in the form of students’ unions throbbing on the democratic principle of electrons which provides great political values like service,humanity and tolerance. On the other hand, people have different views against politics, i.e. some think that politics is the last refuge of scoundrel. The study of politics may corrupt and courses the student’s mind and may lead him to rush in where wise men fear to tread. With immature judgments, he is more easily misled into wrong alleys in politics. The students may lose his touch with the higher and nobler ideals of life and can become a mere time serving opportunist. According to revolutionary view, politics is one of the noblest gifts of the advancement of modern human knowledge. Some views suggest that full facilities should be given to the students to study and understand the prevailing currents of politics.

None of the views can be rejected. Each view has some grain of truth in it. But so far as the students’ participation in active political agitation is concerned, we must, however, place some limits to it. Today’s learners can become good speakers and can improve the politics of the country. Our country Nepal is a country of breath taking natural beauty. Despite this, think for a while, will the country develop with political instability? We Nepalese people are well-known about the revolution of politics in our country. There are good speakers in our country but what about their invaluable words if there are not implemented? The principles of political parties are only limited within the manifestoes. The political leaders are giving a sweet dream of drafting new constitution to the Nepalese people. Where are the expectations and demands of the citizens? There is only an excuse and disagreement between political leaders. Breaking the chairs in the Constituent Assembly and keeping  international relationship with the countries of the world are meaningless. It is shameful that the streams of blood of our ancestors have become the broken chairs and broken hopes of the people. How can we imagine the stability of forthcoming generation if our political situation is unstable? Moreover, political condition of Nepal has created negative impact on the student’s mind regarding the meaning of politics. We can say that politics is not a

bad game but politicians can make it so. As students are the hopes of the nation, they can

play an active part in combating the problems and can flourish a good change in the society. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. With the little and combined efforts off all we students we must march forward in the development of our country. A single effort can make a great change in our country. We students should give valuable contribution to our country with the feeling of patriotism and political stability should be maintained in our country and then we can enjoy our rights and freedoms and blossom like flowers in the garden spreading the fragrance of harmony.