The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new
landscapes but in having new eyes. Nature has not
created humans to dominate one another. She has
given each one of us our own abilities to show what
we are capable of. It is not about either a female
or a male. It's our vision how we see the world.
Numerically, the female population exceeds male
population globally. It is a fact that number exceeds
alone. Those people who need someone weaker
around them to feel themselves only say that females
are weak. In this case, they are the weak males. It is
said that 'If you race with a rat, you will still be a rat
even if you win but if you race with a lion, you will
still be a lion even if you lose.' One should always
compare oneself with someone who is stronger than
him or her and dare to struggle to achieve their own
If you draw two columns of showing male vs female,
surely the fifty percent will be in favour of the female
and another fifty percent will go for the male. Let me
clear the doubts physically, emotionally and socially.
A woman is like a tea bag you never know how
strong she is until she gets in hot water. Men claim
themselves as strong physically and mentally. Well,
women are also strong and determined. We can take
the examples of many great female personalities such as Marie Curie,
Mother Teresa, Florence
Nightingale, Anuradha
Koirala, Puspa Basnet
etc. If they had not
been strong enough to
challenge the world, they
would have left crying at
some corners in this big world.
In case of emotions, all have emotions. The
difference is that a male just stuffs them in because
they are not taught what to do with them. But female
knows how to express and control them. If a female
tries to do a great thing and if she fails in it, her
failure still is like a challenge to others. Nothing is
impossible to a willing heart. A woman is like a full
circle. Within her is the power to create nature and
transform it. Female is strong mentally as well. She
is such a strong creature that she gives birth to a new
life. Mentally, some are weak and some are strong.
Therefore, in each and every field female is not that
weak. It's one's perspective how they judge it. She is
really strong and she should not be underestimated
in any possible way.