Anita Parajuli

First of all, on behalf of EGBOSA Executive Committee, Kathmandu, and all ex-students of Gandaki Boarding School and GCES, congratulations to our beloved school for accomplishing 50 years of excellence in Education.

Over this historic half a century, thousands of students have graduated from the school and entered into myriad career fields and life experiences, both in Nepal and across the globe. But what is common in all is our love for the school. Our school is our pride, and a strong foundation of what we are today. We all share the desire to have an enduring relationship with the school and keep the warm memories of love, mentorship and inspiration from our respected teachers and staff members, as well as all the fun and friendship that developed over the years during school and college. EGBOSA’s purpose is to keep this spirit alive, and stand on its strength to unite and give back to the school and to the society at large.

The EGBOSA family in Nepal and around the world such as the UK, USA, Australia and Japan are coming together for common purpose. Recently, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on April 25, and the subsequent aftershocks that caused nearly 9,000 deaths and turned 2.8 million people into a state of homelessness,

EGBOSA Kathmandu launched the Earthquake Relief Project for which the entire EGBOSA community came into action and contributed to the cause. Through this project we were able to provide temporary shelter to families in a village (Dhola VDC) in Dhading, and in the context where nearly 1 million children’s education is in jeopardy due to destruction of schools, we are working on rebuilding a school and supporting education of the affected children. EGBOSA Kathmandu extends its appreciation and gratitude to all for the enthusiastic response received for this project. At school we grew up with the moto - Knowledge, Character and Service- and this is the driving force of our lives. We will continue to serve the purpose of the school in all possible ways and make the school proud of us.

The strength of schools ultimately rests with its product, the students. We have real potential to contribute in the success of our Alma mater and carry on its history for generations to come. EGBOSA community is a rich mix of talents, capabilities and interests, and we can, and we will contribute to the school and community in many different ways. We all know, as part of its Golden Jubilee, the school has launched an ambitious campaign for incorporating ICT in Education, a Masters Program in GCES, and a swimming pool of national standard. EGBOSA Kathmandu will support the campaign to the best of our capacity.

A request to all the students as well as past students, it is never too late, nor too early, to join the alumni and extend your support. Let’s unite and strengthen the EGBOSA community with loyalty and passionate leadership from each one of us. Let this Golden Jubilee be a means to bring us closer together.

I wish the school great success for this historic Golden Jubilee celebration.

Anjita Parajuli


EGBOSA Executive Committee, Kathmandu

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